Silver plating


Surface properties

Surface treatment with silver plating gives your items the following properties:

  • Durable
  • Corrosion
  • Friction

Silver plating

Silver plating
Silver plating, electrolytic plating, or electro deposition of technical silver, is a type of surface, whereby an item is applied with a silver coating. This kind of silver plating is used especially in the high-tech industry since silver coatings possess properties that make them interesting for technical applications.

Silver plating for technical use
Technical silver plating is used for instance for electrical contacts as a substrate for soldering and for corrosion protection. Polished silver has, in the visible light, the highest reflectivity among metals. Silver has the best electrical conductivity and is resistant to many chemicals as compared with other metals.

Sur-Tech – professional silver plating
Sur-Tech has many years of experience in a variety of finishes and we are professional in all our relationships and productions. We show, for example, extreme caution when an item is demanded partial silver plated, when thin layer is required, even on corrosion-resistant materials, since the large potential difference can start corrosion in resistant materials in humid environments.

Therefore we recommend an appropriate thickness of the silver plating, electroplating of the entire surface and proper pretreatment of the material before plating (possibly an underlying coating of nickel or copper).

Sur-Tech uses silver plating in thicknesses from a few microns to 1 mm.

Silver plating for other purposes
Due to the many features available in silver plating, this is used for more than just high tech. For example, we also produce silver plating of screws for aircraft engines. Here are the silver-plated bolts extremely appropriate for the harsh conditions they are exposed to, among other things, the high temperatures.

Silver plated items may be used at temperatures up to 800 degrees Celsius, however, one must consider the underlying material, as this may affect the properties the silver layer.