Consultancy on Surface Treatment

After many years in the industry, we have gained experience with many types of industrial surface treatment tasks.

We often get an inquiry where we start by asking the customer about drawing specifications so we can see dimensions and what suspension options there are. We often see that a certain process is indicated on drawings, sometimes we challenge it if we think there are better solutions for the customer.

We have delivered to many different industries, but typically these are industries that require a high degree of precision in the selection of subject properties. We can offer this by advising on the way the various processes affect the items and thus give them desired properties such as corrosion resistance, low friction or hardness.

This is how we advise you on the best surface solution

Our customers are both Danish and international companies within the industries:

  • Space
  • Electronics
  • Machinery industries
  • Medico technical industries
  • Defense
  • Construction industry
  • Research institutes (a.o. Danish Technical University, CERN).