Nickeltin (NITIN)


Surface properties

Surface treatment with Nickeltin/ NITIN gives your items the following properties:

  • Corrosion
  • Soldering
  • Hardness

Nickeltin / NITIN - many quality properties

Nickeltin is a highly corrosion resistant coating with a hardness of 700 HV. Nickeltin coating cannot initiate a nickel allergy and is therefore particularly suitable for use in medical and surgical instruments.

NITIN nickeltin is an alloy which can be precipitated as an electrolytic plating process. The intermetallic phase is a single-phase metastable connection with a B81 – structure (Nickel Arsenic structure). ). Nickeltin / NITIN alloy composition is 65% tin and 35% nickel. NITIN can only be produced by electrodepositing and clearly does not exist in pyrometallurgical conditions.
Nickeltin coating is characterized by an exclusive appearance that is similar to stainless steel, and a excellent material distribution and very good cover abilities, which makes it possible to plate even the most complicated geometries – for example inside tubular items.

Nickeltin coating has a hardness of 700 HV but is not suitable as a replacement for hard chrome to counter the wear problems.

Nickeltin / NITIN coatings are highly resistant to corrosion. They can not even attack or discoloring of concentrated mineral acid (nitric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid).

Nickeltin / NITIN are characterized by the formation of an oxide film layer which is stable in a wide range of pH and electro potential.

Build up of the oxide film layer is postulated to be independent of dissolved oxygen as the film can be formed by reaction with water. Filming takes more time under these conditions.

Applications for Nickeltin / NITIN
Nickeltin / NITIN apply in particular cases where there is demand for chemical resistant surfaces. The coating has for several situations made it possible to use brass as a construction material, followed by a NITIN – treatment, as a replacement for stainless steel in the appliance industry.

In addition, Nickeltin / NITIN coatings produced good results as a support for precious metals (especially gold). This has been possible to reduce the gold layer thickness without risk of undergoing galvanic corrosion.

Nickeltin / NITIN is also solder able when using activated solder wire and is therefore interesting to replace lead – tin coatings on special PCB types.