Innovation Projects

Sur-Tech has been in the electroplating industry for over 40 years, and during that time we have participated in many different development and research projects both together with customers and universities.

The technological development of the last several years has contributed to the demand for a chemical surface treatment that provides unique surface coatings that can meet and solve some of the challenges faced by industries such as medicine, aerospace and mechanical parts. Surface technology is today considered an important element in modern material technology.

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Current projects

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Electrolysis and hydrogen production – EEEHy

EEEHy is a project that Sur-Tech is a part of together with i.a. DTU Energy. The overall goal of EEEHy is to generate the knowledge in terms of materials, microstructures, production processes that will result in a pioneering electrolyser prototype based on high temperature and pressure alkaline electrolysis cells (HTP-AEC).

Sur-Tech contributes with specialist knowledge about chemical surface treatment.

The project’s website EEEHy


Development and production of electrolysis system for hydrogen production

We have collaborated with Hymeth for several years on various projects where we test different options for surface treatment of catalysts for electrolysis.

Read more about Hymeth

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NEXP2X – Næste generation af Power2X til konvertering og lagring af vedvarende energi

Bilateral samarbejde med DTU Energi og Kinesisk Institut. 

Udvikling af ”low cost materials for solid oxide electrolysis cells. 


Idea ,light bulb Alternative energy concept

Konkurrencedygtige og pålidelige materialevalg til fremtidens energiforsyning (ENFOS) 

Her har Sur-Tech været med til at teste forskellige teknologier til valg af overfladebehandling i flere dele af projektet. 


Mars_DTU billede_NASAJPL-CaltechASUMSSSUniversity of Copenhagen

Unik overfladebehandling af dele til Mars-køretøj Perseverance

Sur-Tech har overfladebehandlet de kalibreringstargets, som er koblet på NASAs Mars-køretøj Perseverance, som blev sendt til Mars i 2020. DTU Space har leveret centralt udstyr i form af et unikt kamera-system, der allerede har været med til at sende billeder retur fra overfladen på Mars. 

Læs mere om projektet på NASA’s hjemmeside: NASA’s Perseverance Rover Gives High-Definition Panoramic View of Landing Site – NASA Mars Exploration