Our partners

Sur-Tech has several partners in order to serve our clients in the best possible way.

You can read about how we together with our partners can help you and solve any problem you might have. 


Etch A/S is a part of a production cooperation with Sur-Tech A/S. It is through this cooperation that the two companies take advantage of the joint facilities and flexible employees.

Etch A/S is a young company though with more than 20 years of experience in development and production of sheet metal components for the electronic industry worldwide.

Our production equipment is well suited for volume production as well as prototypes. Our technical skills are among others: sheet metal etching, forming tools matching the job, tiny geometries & tolerances and galvanic and chemical surface treatment.

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Read more here: www.etch.dk


As a part of further consolidation of the Keronite activities in Denmark, Sur-Tech A/S has taken over the Keronite license for Denmark. This means that all future Keronite surface treatment and the service of present and future customers takes place at Sur-Tech A/S.

The Keronite process, being a so-called PEO (Plasma Electrolytic Oxidation) process, has opened quite new and exciting opportunities for the use of lightweight metals as alternatives to steel in a number of existing and new applications.

The surface of aluminium or magnesium is converted by the Keronite process to a protecting ceramic layer, which is partly penetrating into the production part itself. Thereby an extremely hard and protecting surface is formed. The ceramic surface is resistant to wear, corrosion, damage from blows and chemical attacks.

The process is a 100% ‘green’ process, having an environmental profile that until now has been unknown in the surface treatment industry, as it is friendly to the external environment as well as the working environment.

Further information about the Keronite process, see brochures or visit http://www.keronite.com/


A cooperation with focus on knowledge

SurfCoat A/S is a sales – and development company, which is owned by Sur-Tech A/S and a.h. nichro A/S. SurfCoat is the future total supplier of surface technological solutions.

a.h. nichro and Sur-Tech are all subcontractors within surface technology to many larger Danish companies. Our production and technological skills covers dispersion precipitation, alloy coatings and many different types of metallic surfaces in copper, nickel, tin, zinc and hard anodising/ Keronite. All three companies have a high standard regarding quality and knowledge about surface technology.

At SurfCoat we aim to be the best supplier, who deliver the best solution, based on the best knowledge. Hos SurfCoat lægges der vægt på at være den bedste leverandør, der leverer den bedste løsning, som bygger på den bedste viden.



SUBRA A/S is a spin-out from the Technical University of Denmark and focus on industrial production of nanopolished metallic substrate solutions for superconductors using patented surface modification technology.

For further information: www.subra.dk